All About JEM.

Super Simple.

Our JEM platform is a cure-all for the administrative headaches that make connecting airtime harder than it should be. Its drag-and-drop facility lets you build quotes easily and export them on to network compliant documentation, ready to print or mail. Our fulfilment engine processes your orders as prescribed – whether they require credit checking, connecting, dispatching, or all of the above. Phones can be shipped, fully connected, within 24 hours.

Worry Free Payments.

Upfront and revenue share advance payments are guaranteed... and, crucially, the system ensures you get paid accurately and on time. Every time. No more queries, no more delays.

Cavan McLaughlin Cavan McLaughlin
Fulfilment Manager & JEM Ambassador

07377 414321

Cavan says...

"I’d say there is a culture of teamwork and helpfulness at Mdee and it shows in everything we do. We all strive to do everything we can to ensure both our partners and their customers are happy.

I love meeting partners, both new and existing. It’s great to see their particular set-ups and put names to faces. I believe it helps us to better service our partners when we get this sort of insight as we offer such a personable, bespoke service.

When I have the chance to visit partners for the first time and show them how JEM works, it’s a real pleasure to see their positive reactions. I get great satisfaction showing a customer how simple and user-friendly JEM is to use, considering how sophisticated it is. It really has enabled partners and ourselves to work smarter and more efficiently."

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