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The team at Mdee has extensive industry experience and a wide and varied contact network. We pride ourselves on our ‘how can I help’ approach, which is backed up with friendly and professional back office support for your business.

We enjoy the ability to work flexibly and with each individual partner to create bespoke activity. Hear what some of our partners had to say in a recent survey.

Q1: What do you enjoy about interacting with mdee?

Friendly and
helpful team.

Q1: What do you enjoy about interacting with Mdee?

Friendly and helpful team.

Q2: What constitutes a 'good day' liaising with Mdee?

Issues are resolved immediately.

Q3: What value do you place on the team at Mdee?

I would not be able to run my business without them.

Q4: Why should you consider partnering with Mdee?

I have experience with other distributors and the difference is huge.

Q5: What’s the most rewarding experience with the team at Mdee?

Gives another string to our bow; far easier to work with than other partners.

Q6: If you had to summarise Mdee in three words?

Supportive, Professional, Considerate.

Ian Hunt Ian Hunt
Business Manager

07967 967557

Ian says...

"For me it’s all about offering knowledge and specialisation to a partner and enabling their business to thrive and survive in what is a very competitive marketplace. You earn a trust allowing any eventuality to be easily negotiated even in turbulent times.

What truly differentiates us are our powerful earning opportunities; total solutions we can provide with both BT and SOTI which strengthen the product set for most of our partners.

We have long term relationships with both our staff members and also our partners; it’s a good place to work. Our partners stay with us because they want to, not because they have to."

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