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Auto Mate is a new fleet management service from EE. The device allows you to manage your vehicles in real-time, wherever you are, in the office at your desk, or on site on your mobile.


Wandera provides a secure mobile gateway that allows a company to secure and compress data being sent and received from a company owned, or personal device accessing company data.


As the internet is so important to the way we live and work today, it is critical you have a service you can trust and rely on. BTnet is the UK’s market leading leased line internet access service offering unbeatable performance quality.

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Tanny says...

"I like to think we are gentle and kind people: we work hand in hand with all our partners on an individual basis, even through the tough times - rather than operating in a ‘computer says no’ punitive and non-contact environment. Mdee may not appear to have the largest team by industry standards, but are possibly the most tenacious when driving business and aiming to do the right thing for our partners. Mdee genuinely enjoys going to see partners and working out ways in which things can be done differently and better to get the greatest commercial results.

It's always exciting to win new business, engage with new partners, discover new avenues and solve new problems… that all makes me happy. We’re competitive. We often get excited. And I love it for my partners, as well as Mdee, when they close a deal."

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